Old Growth Forests in BC

Protests in the forests of Vancouver Island have been going on for many years.  The “War in the Woods” was the first one I really noticed and, more recently, Fairy Lake – Port Renfrew is one of my favourite get-away spots and I think my first Botannical Beach expedition was in the early 70s.

One of the more recent confrontations between protesters and government has been whether or not current logging proposals are threatening old growth forests.  Government repeatedly says “this is not the last old growth stand on the island”.  The question I want answered is whether it’s okay, and expected, that old growth logging continues until we are down to the “last” old growth stand.

Another COVID Variant

Omicron this time. Governments and media seem to be all over “blaming” African countries, mostly southern Africa countries.

Of course, foreign nationals are banned and what we do about our own nationals is under great debate and controversy.

I have a suggestion.  Instead of finger pointing and lockouts – by the time a variant is discovered, identified and analyzed, global travel is days along – why not force wealthy countries to send 1M vaccinations to the countries of origin.

There are a lot of issues with my recommendation, I realize that.  

Some developing nations have difficulty getting the vaccinations into arms, and some countries still have low uptake, lots of vaccine hesitancy.

But would it be a start?  I’m due for my booster soon and I have real guilt about that.  I work one-on-one with the elderly so I’m letting logic take the upper hand but…

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