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Judith Pratt-Jefferies


Judith is a senior enjoying her third phase life. She is active, mobile, engaged in creating a business of her own on-line called Creative Life Change Strategies Her current project is the creation of an online course to help mid-life women begin to plan for a future in which they can thrive.

She has a vision of a better life for seniors as they age. A better life than most seniors experience for many reasons but a great deal of those reasons are because of a lack of a national senior’s health strategy across Canada. Indeed there IS NO national strategy for Canada’s seniors. Instead there are restrictive systems and policies in place nationally, and provincially, preventing seniors from having a better life as they age.

It is time for Canadian Seniors to “make noise” and “take up space”, a time for their voices to be heard, a time for seniors to be actively engaged in changing those restrictive systems. It is a time for our Canadian government to respond with action to remove the barriers to possible well-being that confront the very people who have over their earlier lifetimes supported and paid for those ineffective systems.

You can find out more about her on her website and by reading her book PERMISSION GRANTED How to Find and Follow a Path to a Life True to Your Self.

Agnes Knowles


Agnes’ career in residential ElderCare gave her many insights into the good, the bad and the ugly of ElderCare.  There was a lot of good, but the bad and the ugly were all that and more, and government didn’t seem to care, relegating the population to the care of profiteers and the administrations that condoned and sanctioned the needs of the shareholders.

COVID-19 laid bare many of the inadequacies and downright failures of the ElderCare system all across Canada.  Out of those ashes rose more ranting advocates who seem to know what the solution is without spending much time with those residents or in the facilities.  There is a 1,000-ft. view that needs to be considered before a person can know what viable solutions are.

Now Agnes is a senior herself, fully cognizant of and totally aghast at the financial supports that are considered ethical by government.  The fact that government, with all its infrastructure and technical know-how, does not implement a strategy that not only ensures the health – every facet of it – for its senior population but consults with and even includes on-the-ground seniors who are trying to find some quality for their lives amidst the government ignorance and its over-educated consultants.

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